2014 Grants

Fort Wayne, IN, December 3, 2014 - The Fort Wayne Children’s Foundation has announced its annual grants for fiscal year 2014. Serving the greater Fort Wayne metropolitan area and surrounding counties including Whitley, Huntington, Wells, Adams, Noble, and Dekalb the Fort Wayne Children’s Foundation in a non-profit organization that raises funds to contribute to agencies involved and dedicated to the prevention, counseling, and treating child abuse and neglect.

Chairman, Byron R. Braun stated, “All grants are carefully reviewed by our entire board of directors. The emphasis during the grant process is to fund programs and agencies that have a similar mission to prevent and break the cycle of abuse in our communities.” The Fort Wayne Children’s Foundation received a record number of requests this year. “There are many worthwhile programs but we can only select a few. It is our hope that as our corpus grows we will be able to expand our effectiveness in our communities in helping prevent abuse. We wish to thank companies and individuals that make our fundraising efforts successful and allowing us to fulfill our long term mission goals and aspirations,” Braun also said.

Grants this year included; $15,000 to Parkview Hospital Foundation for the Period of Purple Crying Program, $10,000 to the Care Program for The Boys and Girls Club of Wells County, and $9,500 to Whittington Homes for a combination of computer equipment as well as their Play Therapy Program.