Abuse Information

Abuse is the non accidental situation causing harm to a child at the hands of a parent or guardian. Federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, 2003 states child abuse and neglect is an act or failure by parent or caretaker resulting in death, physical, emotional, sexual, neglect or exploitation.

From the 1600-1800’s – children were seen as property of parents. Punishment in every form of abuse including capital punishment.

In 1884 – First case of maltreatment brought to court

In 1899 – First court system to protect a child took place in Illinois

Over 2 million reports of child abuse and neglect are made to state child protective service agencies annually.

More than 1 million children experience demonstrative evidence of abuse and neglect annually.

More than 1,100 children die annually as a consequence of child abuse and neglect.

Of the 872,000 victims of child maltreatment in 2004, 62% were neglect, 18% physical abuse, 10% sexual abuse, 7% emotional abuse, 2% medical neglect nand 15% other maltreatment types such as abandonment, congenital drug addiction, etc.

8% of adolescents report sexual abuse – 74% know their assailant, 34% are under 2 years old and age 14 is the most common age for sexual abuse.

Reports of sexual abuse are up to 30-40% of females or 10-12% of girls under age 14 years old.

Substance abuse is 1/3 to 2/3 of maltreated children

9% of children are in a family with a parent who abuses alcohol or drugs.

Indiana facts on abuse

Deaths in Indiana were 53 in 2003 with 43% under age 5, 54 deaths in 2005. Allen County had 6 of these caused by head blunt force, shaken baby, asphyxiation, and strangulation.

3.4 cases of child abuse per 100,000 children annually in U.S. There were 1490 deaths in 2003 with 81% less than 4 years old.