Grant Proposals and Process

Fort Wayne Children’s Foundation will award grants which will be voted upon at our annual grant meeting in October of each year. The deadline for submission is September 30. The purpose of a grant request must link itself with the mission of our foundation: "To serve the greater Fort Wayne metropolitan area and surrounding counties including Whitley, Huntington, Wells, Adams, Noble and DeKalb by raising funds and contributing to agencies involved in and dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and neglect, and to counseling and treating abused children and their families." 

Grant Guidelines

1. FWCF grants are awarded to recognized 501c3 organizations who engage in programs and/or practices which seek to prevent child abuse.

2. These organizations must be located in Allen County and counties contiguous to Allen County in Indiana.

3. Grants are competitive and must meet criteria stated in these guidelines.

4. Grants are not awarded to government sponsored agencies or other foundations.

5. Grants are awarded at the discretion of the Board of Directors of Fort Wayne Children's Foundation.

6. Grants are awarded for program enhancement only. 

7. A Grant Application and all supporting data must be delivered in hard copy to the Foundation Post Box address by September 30 of each year (not merely postmarked by that date). Grant decisions are made at the October meeting of the Board of Directors. Agencies awarded a grant must return an Agreement Letter by October 31. Grant Checks will be mailed November 15 - the date on which the grant period of one year begins.

8. Two Grant Reports shall be submitted: at six months, and when the grant project is completed. Recipients of a new grant must submit any outstanding Grant Report document from a previous grant by the time an Agreement Letter for a new grant is submitted unless an extension is requested. Request an extension at the email address below. Failure to submit a final report may jeopardize a future grant.


For Additional Information Contact

Brian Witwer, Grants Coordinator

Access the current Grant Proposal document